Promoting, Developing, and manufacturing of color sorting machines.

We are comitted to supporting food safety.

Active Marketing is dedicated to the promotion,development and manufacture of quality control sorting machines for the food and grain industries. Active’s quality control sorting machines are constructed using our proprietary research, development and production methods. We have developed safe and user-friendly small to large-scaled machines that excel in functionality and environmental friendliness.

We upmost value the trust and feedback from our customers. Technical innovations are spurred from our customer’s request and opinions and we contribute our efforts to provide a product from the customer’s viewpoint.

Keeping Active active.

Today in Japan, in order to maintain a competitive edge in international business, companies must constantly grow and improve through technical innovation. In such a competitive international environment it is the ‘PEOPLE’who are the core of any company and it is employee spirit which is essential to all who work for the company.

Consequently the most important asset to a company is the people involved and the most important asset for people is their spirit. In keeping with our company work ethic I make every effort to foster employees who strive to improve themselves in their work and to nurture a positive work environment.

Management Philosophy

We strive to realize our goals of prosperity and growth through our sound work ethic, while contributing to society with our trustworthy and reliable products. We aim to grow and prosper as a company through constant innovation and development. Paramount in our product design are safety and environmental conservation.

Environmental Principles

As a member of the global community we are committed to protecting our beautiful earth. Environmental conservation is foremost in each of our employees and in our products, services and business practices.

Guiding Principles

Steadfast, sincere and expeditious performance is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. Exercise and employ our full resources as a company. Encourage employees to set goals and to assiduously dedicate themselves to the achievement of their goals. We make the impossible possible with deepened insight. Grow a company which can contribute to society through our products.

What is a color sorting machine?

Color sorting machines can sort unwanted, foreign, broken, and discolored grains, pulses, or legumes that can get mixed into the final product. It will sort by color or elements detected by sensors and cameras. Characteristics that can't be identified by the human eye can even be sorted by a color machine. Even objects that can't be removed by size, shape, or weight like those in a sifting or air volume system can also be sorted.

As recently as one decade ago in Japan, we used to commonly hear of small pebbles getting cooked in with rice. With so many factors involved in the sorting process, this was a very common issue However, this would pose a serious concern for today’s consumers. The enforcement of Product Liability (PL)law and the possibility of foreign material incidents have placed significant pressure on the demands of consumer safety and health regulations for food products.

In Japan, the rice that farmers have grown, is collected by prefectural departments and agricultural cooperative associations. The rice is then re-distributed to specialized rice stores, supermarkets and so on to finally reach the end-consumers. To provide safe sorted rice to consumers, various sorting machines were required, such as stone sorters, sifters, magnets and so on. However, with many factors such as weight, size, or color, many foreign objects or defects were still found mixed in with the rice.

The color sorting machine is invented!

Around 1930, the idea of a machine able to sort by color was introduced in the US.By 1937, the first color sorting machine was made in England. The first color sorting machine was introduced to Japan in 1966 and the usage of these machines has since spread worldwide. Put simply, color sorting machines can detect and remove materials based on colors and visual elements not previously possible with conventional sorting machines. Discolored or damaged rice and foreign substances could now be sorted out by these machines, thus the product quality significantly improved. Recently, due to traceability issues, farmers themselves have started to purchase color sorters due to the demand of consumers who prefer to purchase directly from farmers.

Company Information

Active Marketing Co., LTD.
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Capital 30,000,000 yen
Established June, 2002
Bank Keiyo Bank Soga Branch
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Business Line Domestic and Overseas distribution of sorting machines. Distribution intermediary of rice grain